Fellow supporters

We at MY SUPER STORES fan blog join you in thanking God for this new year, 2015. We wish you a very HAPPY NEW YEAR !

2014 will remain memorable for every supporter of the world’s greatest club, Stationery Stores Football Club of Lagos, aka Adebajo Babes, aka Flaming Flamingoes, a.k.a Darling Club of Lagos. That was the year the almighty God answered our prayers of 16 years; that we live to see our beloved Stores return to the Nigerian league.

For that monumental achievement we must thank the entire Israel Adebajo family, and in particular, Adetilewa Adebajo for leading from the front. We must also thank those supporters who worked quietly, but relentlessly in the trenches all those years to achieve what we saw in 2014: Adebayo Olowo-Ake, Eliashib Ime-James and Babatunde Ogala are only but a few of those names.

For about 9 months our weekends became meaningful again. Onikan regained its glory. Thanks to 1960Bet, we had beautiful Stores jerseys to wear and shine with every week; perhaps the only Nigerian club supporters to have that privilege..

On the field there was plenty of entertainment: Defenders came purposely every week to kick and brutalise Fuad, but he gave us the goals. Obinna gave us sweet memories of Haruna Ilerika; dribbling, twisting and turning, but most importantly, creating the goals for Ajah. Many will remember Raphael Onwrebe for his gold-dyed hair; others for the hatful of chances he flopped, but this blog will rather remember him for the crucial goals he scored which gave us maximum points in those earlier games.

Ex-International, Taiwo Enegwea will always feel proud to have been the coach to lead Stores’ renaissance. Ayo Filani will tell his kids how proud he was to have been the captain; and perhaps the most dramatic story: Musa Sadiq. Injury meant he played just one home game for Stores, but what a memorable game for him. He scored the very first goal for Stores and was later rewarded with a wrist watch from the supporters. Call him a one match superstar, but I wish I was in his place!

At the end of the season, the team that Stores walloped resoundingly, Shooting Stars, topped the league table and gained promotion. That should say it all about the quality of our team: We were good. Joining the league at the very last minute, without any planning whatsoever, proved the inevitable albatross of our team. The Union Bank team that we inherited had their own set culture and in all fairness needed time to adjust to the gigantic pressure of being Stationery Stores.

Although on paper Stores was relegated, I have the firm belief that we will play again with the big boys next season. However, even if we don’t, I want to plead that we supporters keep it flaming. A lot was achieved last season. So many of the chapters were revived, both home and abroad. The various supporters guilds should continue to meet on a regular basis.

The central supporters club, which is the coordinating unit, must march on and consolidate on the huge gains of 2014. In case you didn’t know, our Chairman is Gboyega Okegbenro, a legend in his own right. The immediate task should be to formalize the Stationery Stores Central Supporters Club constitution which so much effort was dedicated to in 2014.

As was mentioned in several meetings, our supporters club must move in tandem with global trends. The supporters club must necessarily work hand in hand with the club’s management in moving the club forward. The structure and personnel of the supporters club however must be differentiated from the management’s in order to avoid conflicts of interest and promote efficiency.

Every genuine supporter of Stationery Stores should stand ready to sacrifice something to help the club. Whether it is 1,000,000 naira or 1 kobo, it is inevitable that we contribute financially to the sustenance of both the supporters club and the club.

Stores has the pedigree and fan base to attract the best footballers in Nigeria to it, let us make it count. I look forward with eagerness to our next supporters club meeting.

Up Super !

Iyo !!!



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