Am I supposed to cry? Yes. Am I crying? Yes! We had just 5 games left to the end of the season; we are rooted second to the bottom; and I thought it was the worst time to think of new fantasies.

Loveday Omoruyi was a fearless defender, so no surprise that he harbours no fears in changing players, or formations:Adeyemi moves from Right to Centre Back, out goes Uche; Azuka moves from defensive to attacking midfield, no room for Obinna; in come Balogun,Oyedele, and even the overfazed Azeez in the second half.

Three months ago at Agege, Stores took the fight to First Bank, and only lost to momentary loss of concentration in defence. Yesterday, we made First Bank look like the national team; the way they had all the room to spray passes, make fanciful dribbles, and even score a picturesque goal when Sikiru Alimi was given all the space and time to pick his spot and bury a banana behind the helpless Emmanuel Adebayo.

Fuad had his most quiet game in Stores’ colours, but still earned us a last gap penalty. It was an afternoon of wonders, so it was natural that substitute Azeez, who had put his foot wrong all day, step up to flick a ‘good sportsmanship’ chip into First Bank’s goalie, Semiu Bello’s welcome hands.

With 10 minutes to go, Omoruyi played his joker, finally bringing on Obinna who had been warming up since the first half. The match came alive, but sadly too late. Let me however shower some praise on Kehinde Anifowoshe who played solidly as a good ol’ sweeper, and the fact that our defending was really generally better than the last 2 home games. Now, what next?

It is 4 games to go, and definitely not time for any more experiments. We know our best players; Fuad, Obinna, etc. Just play them (barring injuries). Fuad plays better from the left wing, Azuka is a defensive battler, and Obinna is the most effective playmaker we have. Play those players in their natural positions. This is time to field our best players and let them fight. They must fight to the end, because they wear the most revered jersey in football, that of Stationery Stores.


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