Press Release from the Chairman of Stationery Stores Football Club on the Current Crisis in Nigerian Football

Press Release

Stationery Stores Football Club limited, as the oldest surviving club in Nigeria is concerned and sadden by the current situation with the leadership and administration of the beautiful game in our dear country.

We the Private Clubs are already endangered species and the current situation will only serve to accelerate our extinction.

A situation where the “Challenge Cup” the oldest cup competition in Nigeria is not held and all league matches are put on hold does not speak well for the development and commercial aspects of the game.

Our football league has seen a resurgence with the advent of the LMC, a very positive development that is now attracting significant commercial interest. This has also encouraged private club owners and sponsors to get involved.

The late Israel Adebajo our founder and a Nigerian Football Icon and his contemporaries were selfless patriots who pooled their personal resources to fund the development of the game in the 50s and 60s.

We will like to appeal to the leadership and football administrators to sheath their swords and imbibe the selfless spirit of our founder and his contemporaries by finding credible football elders to arbitrate and negotiate a settlement privately.

The events playing out in public and the media are definitely not for the good of the game.

Finally we will like to appeal to Mr. President to begin the process to Privatize both the NFF and NFA as he had successfully done with NEPA.

Adetilewa Adebajo
Chairman Stationery Stores FC
August 29 2014


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